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Let’s be friends

i have enough friends

send me money


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burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it

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flower fairies, peony & iris

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Like seriously, why isn’t pole dancing an olympic sport? This is freakin gymnastics. This is strength and skill. This is not sexual whatsoever. Why does pole dancing have to be so stigmatised as a sexual thing that only strippers do? I have great respect for all people who can pull this off. This is art and beauty right here. 

Good lord, the fluidity of her movement is mind-bending, jfc

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by Alvin Lee

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I’ve had the question pop up a couple times asking how I colour, unfortunately I only have the process of a 2012 piece D: I still pretty much use this process now so it still applies lol. Apologies for the copious amount of spelling/grammatical mistakes <: B

Sidenote: check out skoptsy<3 she is the queen of values<3 *A * and needs all zee love <3

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